Monday, August 24, 2009

ck @ Broga Hill part2

The Journey to the peak of the Broga Hill is about 45min...

is not too hard.. but i had long time never hv a proper spot.. when walk until half way.. my stomach was feeling no well... maybe talking too much on the way... >.<>

After that my friend told us use breath.. dun use mouth to breath.... and i tried it... it is work.. it no more feeling to vomit. =)

The wind flow at the peak at the hill was very nice. plus that the weather is like going to rain.. (but lucky didn't rain,else will lost many nice pic^,^). Was enjoy the photo shooting with dear and friend at the peak of the hill^,^.

Upload more photo tmr.. now feeling sleepy... and whole body is feeling pain after the broga hill~

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