Monday, August 24, 2009

ck @ Broga Hill Part IV

I like this post... feeling nice

The hope .. is out there

At the highest part of the Broga hill

The view is nice at the peak of the hill

X-youth again..... and thx to the X-youth leader lead us the way to the broga hill

see the grass like say 'Good Bye' to me
Is time to say good bye to broga hill.....
ard 10~11pm (forgoted what is the time) we went down from the peak of the hill. at the way back to the foot of the hill was no more energy to take more photo...


Siao Gang President said...

Hey...great pictures ya..your blog is different from everyone else because it contains more pictures than words le...but as they paint a thousand of words...hehe..^^

ck said...

hoho~ thx siao gang president~