Thursday, October 15, 2009

Help me vote for Lumix Star Search Photographer contest

help me vote this..when free go to

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Monday, October 5, 2009

BBQ MoonCake Festival

after the Lumix Star Search bak to home hv a few hour slp... then come to kang leng house for BBQ ^,^ more photo visit >> BBQ MoonCake Festival

ck @ Lumix Star Search 2009

A busy saturday again.. today morning went dental... wait from 7am... until 11am~... after that rush to midvalley for this Lumix Start Search event.... ard 1pm reach here... hell many photographer with the high level gear here.. haha... i oni take out my hidden "L" kit-lens to shoot.event start ard 130pm.. quite hard to take picture of tis kind event.. hell many ppl... many head,flash gun.. blocking my veiw... + my 55mm... cant really zoom ... SAD... time to get a Zooomm lens~ but bo $$ haha.. more picture visit my fb Link>> ck @ Lumix Star Search 2009