Wednesday, May 20, 2009


the 1st morning at singapore take this pic when in car. singapore big durian. haha
this is the hotel i stay in singapore.
Preparing to go meeting with customer.
The morning at singapore
singapore town.
ERP system...

Breakfast @ SG

@ nippon concept office... very big office

happy familly

My boss with his son.

This pic taken at outside of the Durian building... i like this pic so much

Singapore durian... very nice nite view

It mean "I LOVE U"

The biggest fountain in the word... but no water =,=

Toa Payoh which my singapore new office locate
singapore "Fuo Ya Shi"

1st time come to SG... also my 1st time going over sea.. haha... this trip is half work.. half holiday..3night3days.XD. hehe... cos need to meet with nippon concept(my company big customer). and thanks to my boss which bring me ard singapore.. altohught not going many place.. cos we are busy moving singapore office also.. singapore office moving to a more big office. ^,^

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